Seasonal work in Greece: promises and reality

From Mykonos, another complaint was received from an employee: “Small rooms with mold and cockroaches.”

By concluding a contract for work, a person hopes for the decency of the employer. However, reality does not always correspond to the promised conditions. The number of complaints is steadily increasing, and this time, alas, not for the first time, beautiful Mykonos was at the epicenter of them. The girl who told about the room with cockroaches and mold says she shares the details on the channel OPEN:

“It was the worst experience of my life. The rooms were too small, 2-3 people lived in them, with a lot of humidity, with a lot of mold and cockroaches flying around. I took a shower and cleaned the mold off myself with Velcro. There was no air conditioning in the room during the unbearable heat. I was forced to buy a dehumidifier in the middle of the season. Another issue is food. You are promised two or three meals a day, and when you face reality, you are forced to eat out.”

It’s kind of a vicious circle. During the summer months, businesses struggle with staffing for seasonal customer service, and potential employees in need of earnings are forced to turn down seemingly attractive jobs when faced with banal deception.

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