The thieves have gone crazy

Massive burglaries in the shops of Thessaloniki, committed by a certain person, have been recorded by law enforcement officers in recent days.

The perpetrator walks freely through the shops without actually hiding his facial features, which were recorded by CCTV cameras on at least three different occasions.

The perpetrator broke into two shops in the center of Thessaloniki early in the morning on Easter Sunday, and again on Thursday – into a shop in Polichni. Speaking to, Tassos Georgopoulos, owner of a shoe store at 21 Egnatia Street, stated that the perpetrator tried to break into the store around 12:30 pm, breaking the locks and a small piece of glass. However, the burglar failed to get inside and, according to Mr. Georgopoulos, he allegedly continued his efforts a little later in another store in the city center.

According to, the same man broke into a pastry shop on Antigonidon Street in the early hours of Easter Sunday, from where he took the money. And in this case, it was recorded by surveillance cameras.

Then on Thursday morning, the perpetrator reappeared in Polichni, where at 7:45 a.m. he attacked a store of decorative and unique handicrafts. The attacker stole a small amount of money from the store, about 20-30 euros, and as soon as the alarm rang, he disappeared.

The perpetrator in all three cases, as can be seen on the footage, wears the same clothes, even a cap, and does not try to hide his facial features. “I am sure that the police are doing a very good job, but the question is the severity of the punishment. The thing is that after the arrest, the criminals are released after 2-3 months, with a reprieve,” notes Mr. Georgopoulos, adding that “before we leave the courts, they (the perpetrators) will leave.” It is noted that the identity of the perpetrator has not yet been identified, reports

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