February 3, 2023

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One of the many tragedies of this war

Children near Zhytomyr were shot, mistaking them for saboteurs. Two members of the Territorial Defense have been arrested on charges of murder.

Teroboronists are accused of premeditated murder of 12-year-old Daniil Belchenko in Radomyshl near Zhytomyr. Playing in the yard, he was wearing his grandfather’s camouflage jacket, which played a fatal role in this tragedy. The publication dealt with its details “The country”.

The tragedy happened on March 7th. Fleeing from the war, the Belchenko family left Kyiv and came to their relatives about a week after the outbreak of hostilities. On that ill-fated day, Daniel and a 9-year-old boy from a neighboring house were playing in the yard. Soon the adults in the house heard shots. They tried to jump out into the yard, but they were not allowed to: “Hide, we have come to kill terrorists.” The mother of the deceased boy says:

“At 16.10, people with weapons in camouflage broke into the yard and, without warning, started shooting at the children to kill. The boys were very scared and ran across the yard to the neighboring kindergarten to hide. When we heard the shots, we tried to run out into the street to see what happened. They rushed to the door, and there was a man with a machine gun standing there, saying: “Hide in the house, we came here to kill terrorists,” and closed the door in front of our nose. Grandfather started shouting out the window that don’t shoot, because our children are running around there They started calling Danya, and in the yard there were a lot of people with weapons, in camouflage. We started shouting that they were children, don’t shoot, but it was already too late. accidents. Our son’s body was found by my husband in a neighboring yard. Another boy was wounded.”

The Zhytomyr police officially announced:

“They were charged with premeditated murder and attempted murder. They are in jail.”

Viktor Ilchenko, a 48-year-old member of the local Varta, is suspected of shooting 12-year-old Daniil Belchenko with a hunting rifle. A police source says:

“He mistakenly took him for a saboteur. This happened in the courtyard of one of the houses where he arrived at the call of a local resident Kudryashova. Ilchenko was accompanied by 27-year-old military AFU Alexander Yurko, armed with a Kalashnikov assault rifle. Daniil was in camouflage uniform, playing war games with a friend with toy guns. Local resident Kudryashova called “Varta”, said that near the house there were people with weapons and in camouflage (the child was wearing a grandfather’s jacket). The second boy was in a brown fleece suit. The military man was walking behind Ilchenko. First, there were shots up. The children got scared and started to run away, they were cut off and shot from a distance of 15 meters. Examinations are being carried out to find out who shot the child.”

As it turned out, the defense was called by a neighbor who thought that there were saboteurs in the yard. Ilchenko says that he was called to this address as the head of the territorial defense headquarters. He denies his guilt and assures that he did not shoot the children. Yurko says that there was a mistake and there was poor visibility (although there was clear weather that day, according to the hydrometeorological center). Both of them were detained by the police while leaving the city.

Ilchenko’s lawyer asks to be placed under house arrest, and the commanders of military units petitioned to bail him out. The court filed a certificate from the SBU that Ilchenko is their unspoken employee, and also presented letters and awards issued to him in 2014-2015. from the forces of special operations and counterintelligence.

Eyewitnesses allegedly saw substances similar to drugs in the car in which Ilchenko and Yurko were leaving. However, the police said that drugs were not seized from the car, and the blood test did not show illegal substances …

And you can argue as much as you like, excel in insults and prove your point of view to your interlocutor, blaming Russia or Ukraine for the war. War is always blood, death, dirt, and most importantly, the death of innocent children…

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