Consumers fearfully open each new electricity bill

Against the backdrop of rising prices for literally everything, electricity bills seem to remain the most unbearable problem for every family.

Each “payment” makes you hesitate to open the envelope, and the amount due on the invoice causes despair:

“With a pension of 600 euros, how to pay the bill of 800 euros?”.

Most consumers are simply not able to pay the specified amount, as they can hardly make ends meet:

“The maximum used to be 120 euros, but now, taking into account the discount, it’s 644 euros.”

For most consumers, electricity bills were much higher than last year compared to the same period. Companies go to a meeting and offer to conclude an agreement on the gradual payment of debt. But this does not solve the problem – the debt only increases, since the inability to pay even part of it remains. Kostas Maniatis, head of the technicians union ΔΕΗsaid yesterday:

“From April 1 to April 21, we received 26,500 power outage orders from all suppliers, as ΔΕΗ is now a private company, and we have already completed about 25%.”

He notes that the vast majority of outages involved households, and stressed that a new contract would need to be signed to restore power, with a much higher guarantee. “Closed contracts”, concluded for two years, start today from 0.22 euros per kilowatt-hour and reach 0.26 euros per kilowatt-hour. At the same time, the subsidy is provided only for 1200 kilowatt-hours, that is, for 300 kilowatt-hours per month. After exceeding this indicator, the price becomes much higher, writes CNN Greece, referring to the explanations of the head of the association.

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