December 1, 2023

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Night tariff for electricity from May 1

The nighttime electricity consumption schedule, also known as the night tariff, changes from 1 May.

The winter season of the night tariff starts on November 1st and continues until the last day of April. We remind you that the current (winter) schedule is divided into:

• 02:00-08:00 and 15:00-17:00 for clients, connected to the mains power grid (including some connected islands),

• 02:00-08:00 and 15:30-17:30 for clients on not connected to the mainland network of islands.

Summer period: from May 1 to October 31

• 23:00-07:00.

Continuous consumption schedule*

All year round: from 23:00 to 07:00.

* Night tariff with a constant consumption schedule throughout the year is no longer available. It is valid for households that subscribed to a reduced night rate prior to 1988 (if no changes have been made since), and also for households living in certain geographical areas of the country where there is no proper technical distribution network infrastructure, i.e. e. there is no system Τηλεχειρισμός Ακουστικής Συχνότητας. For more information call ΔΕΗ.

We remind you that there is a reduced fee (preferential tariff) for night electricity, up to 30% of the electricity bill (EUR/kWh). According to the information on the official website of ΔΕΔΔΗΕ, if the interested party wishes, it can install counter with timer, which separately measures electricity consumption during the day and at night. Prices for electricity consumption outside the night tariff are set by the electricity supplier.

The procedure for issuing the above meter and connecting to the night tariff

In order to become a member of the preferential program, you need to come to the nearest ΔΕΗ branch with an identity document and an AFM number. Office staff will tell you how to write the right application. True, when concluding a new contract, you will have to pay 34 euros + FPA as compensation for the costs of ΔΕΗ. You can also apply by calling 11500 or 800 400 400.

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