Legal migration to Europe – what the EC offers

Facilitate legal migration to EU proposed by the European Commission and made a developed package of proposals. Already this summer, she is going to launch a talent pool (personnel reserve).

After that, it will become easier for refugees to find work in the expanses of the European Union. Yesterday, April 27, the package was adopted at a meeting of the European Commissioners. It also contains a pilot project for Ukrainians who are fleeing the EU from the Russian invasion of their country. According to Deutsche Welle, a package of proposals in Brussels at a press conference was presented by the European Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson and Margaritis Schinas, one of the vice-presidents of the EC. Shinas says:

“Legal migration is a win-win situation that benefits everyone. For those who want to emigrate, it provides an opportunity to improve their living conditions and build a better life, while providing our economies with more skilled workers at the same time.”

Johansson explains:

“With this package, we are simplifying the process of applying to live and work in the EU, strengthening the rights of residents and their families. I am confident that we offer a reliable way to attract new talent to the EU for today and tomorrow.”

In accordance with the proposals, the European Commission wants to change the rules for a residence permit, dividing it into temporary and permanent. She proposes to allow applying for it not only from the territory of a European country where a person wants to work, but also from the territory where he lives. Four months are now allotted for consideration of such an application. Brussels proposes to include in these terms the issuance of a visa, which is needed to enter this EU state, as well as a labor market check.

Currently, third-country nationals cannot change employers while holding a temporary residence permit. Brussels officials want to change this rule: remove the existing restriction and allow, after losing a job, to legally stay in the country for another 3 months with an existing residence permit.

After 5 years of residence in the EU, it is supposed to issue an indefinite residence permit, but with the condition – only in the same country. In this case, the required five years will be taken into account, even if during them the person moved to another EU country. Also, according to the EC, family reunification should be simplified, with full access to the labor market. The submitted draft amendments will be considered by the EU Council and the European Parliament.

The European Commission has proposed effective tools for finding specialists for existing vacancies. It’s about the talent pool and talent partnerships. The Talent Pool is a platform where qualified people living in third countries who wish to work in the European Union can register. This portal is planned to be launched in mid-2023.

And this summer, the European Commission wants to launch a pilot talent pool project for Ukrainians enjoying temporary protection in the European Union. Now it is about 3.8 million people. Ukrainians will be able to register on the portal, where they will indicate their qualifications. This will help employers find the right workers. Johansson hopes that the pool, for example, will help European states find teachers from Ukraine who can work with Ukrainian refugee children.

The European Commission intends to launch the first talent partnerships by the end of 2022 – with Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco.

Reference. Talent pooling is the practice of bringing together a group of professionals who are suitable candidates for the workforce. The talent pool may be limited to a specific task or area of ​​expertise, or it may be a broad group of people capable of performing a variety of work tasks.

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