Greeks had to "tighten your belts"

The highest inflation in 27 years “looked around” in Greece, not even intending to change the trajectory of movement.

In March 2022, it confidently reached a 27-year high. In April, the situation continues to worsen. Greek pensioner Maria Tsivita says:

“What can I say about the prices? Can’t you see for yourself? A mess! I went around the whole market in search of something cheap, and found nothing. And so everywhere. Everything is expensive, tomatoes, for example, and everything is expensive in general!”.

Correspondent euronews Simela Tukhtidou adds to the story of a taciturn pensioner:

For the Greeks, this is another difficult period of dramatic changes in their daily lives. Twelve years of economic crisis, then a pandemic… At the beginning of last year, inflation ranged from negative to zero. But since last fall of 2021, the wave of price growth has become uncontrollable, and real household incomes have “gone to a peak.” Agricultural Greece does not show shortages in food markets – there is an abundance of products from local and foreign farmers. But the increased costs of production and transportation ended up on the shoulders of consumers. In addition, Greece became the leader in the European ranking – the country recorded the highest in EU rising prices for electricity and natural gas, one of the highest – for food.

As our publication wrote, inflation in Greece hit a record 7.2%(?) in February, with the price of gas up 78.5%, electricity 71.4% and motor fuel over the past 10 days by more than 23%. The Greek consumer price index (CPI) rose to 7.2% in February 2022, the Greek Statistics Office said on Thursday. The media is talking about the highest level of inflation in the last 16 years.

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