Greek publishing associations launch awareness campaign against fake news

The publishers’ information campaign is aimed at combating fakes and false information. It runs under the motto “Fake news is unfair news that harms your knowledge. Trust only reliable sources.”

The implementation of the nationwide information campaign continues. Its goal is to strengthen credible journalism, among the participants:

  • Ε.Ι.Η.Ε.Α. (Ένωση Ιδιοκτητών Ημερήσιων Εφημερίδων Αθηνών) – Athens Association of Daily Newspaper Owners;
  • ΕΝ.Ε.Δ. (Ένωση Εκδοτών Διαδικτύου) – Association of Internet Publishers;
  • Σ.Η.Π.Ε. (Σύνδεσμος Ημερήσιων Περιφερειακών Εφημερίδων) – Association of Daily Regional Newspapers;
  • Ε.Ι.Ε.Τ. (Ένωση Ιδιοκτητών Επαρχιακού Τύπου) – Association of Regional Press Owners;
  • Ε.Δ.Ι.Π.Τ. (Ένωση Δημοσιογράφων Ιδιοκτητών Περιοδικού Τύπου) – Association of Journalists Owners of Periodical Press;
  • ΟΣΔΕΛ member publishing companies, including the newspaper Kathimerini.

The aim of the campaign is to build confidence in journalism. Its launch, with the support of ΟΣΔΕΛ (organization for the collective management of printed publications), is scheduled for May 3rd.

The campaign highlights the dangers of fakes and encourages the public to trust professional journalists and the professional press. The current situation – political, social, economic – has increased the need for reliable information, but the level of fake news has reached alarming proportions.

Theoretically, citizens have wide access to a huge amount of information. However, in reality, they are lost in the chaos and chaotic flow of information on the network, exposed to many fakes and disinformation.

At the same time, the new conditions emerging in the post-coronavirus digital age are shifting the focus from the press to tech giants exploiting journalistic content and monopolizing ads – usually without paying a price to the beneficiaries.

As a result, the press, in an unequal struggle, opposes not only platforms, but also all sorts of competitors who use the chaos of the Internet to spread dubious and sometimes false news. At stake is not only the integrity of journalists and the quality of the news, but also democratic values ​​in general.

With the launch campaign, press publishers and their associations hope to draw public attention to the need to control sources, cross-check news, and highlight the role of the professional journalist and press publisher as a provider of accurate and reliable information. The goal of publishers and associations is to establish in the minds of the public that today, more than ever, they need reliable and authoritative information.

Society cannot trust information on which too much depends in the life of every person, received from dubious sources. It is necessary to turn to press professionals and choose sources with critical thinking and a sense of responsibility, writes

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