May Day: 8 popular destinations for three days, how much does it cost to stay

Ahead is May Day, and while some of the inhabitants of Greece are preparing for three days of rest, the booking of tourist property in popular destinations reaches 90%.

After the Easter mini-vacation, in addition to the islands, popular continental destinations will receive their share of recognition, as evidenced by booking data on short-term rental platforms.

Bookings for properties suitable for a family of four in popular mainland destinations (Kalamata, Kalampaka, Nafplion, Nafpaktos, Ioannina) range from 79% to 91%, according to a survey conducted by pan-Greek real estate network E-Real Estates. Reservation from 45% to 74% is recorded in such directions as Leonidio, Tiru, ​​Kamena-Vürl beach, hagios Konstantinos of phthyotide (λεωνίδιο, παραλία τυρός, καμένανστας κως φθιώτιώτιδαααα Scaphidia

“We believe that as we approach the three days of May, the number of bookings, especially in nearby mainland destinations (2-2.5 hours from major urban centers), will show an increasing trend until the last day of departure,” said President E- Real Estates, Themistoklis Bakas.

High prices apply exclusively to individual houses/apartments that are available and registered on short-term rental platforms, and do not apply to hotel rooms/or boarding houses.

The number of places available in many destinations is limited, and the fact that many owners have adopted a flexible cancellation policy is a key ally of the industry.

Mainland Greece


There are 541 properties listed on short-term rental platforms, according to AirDNA. Availability for three days, from 29.04 to 02.05, is 113 houses. Bookings reach 79% and the cost for 3 nights ranges from 240€ to 390€.

Leonidio Tiros

In the municipality of Νότιας Κυνουρίας, 257 properties (individual apartments/houses) are registered on short-term rental platforms, with the highest dynamics recorded in Leonidio (79 properties) and Tiros beach (42 properties). There are currently 27 properties available in Leonidio and 19 in Paralia Tyros. Advance booking in Leonidio is 66% and in Paralia Tiros it is 54%. Rental prices range from €170 to €190 and €150 to €210 respectively.

Kalampaka Meteora

There are 200 registered real estate objects (individual apartments/houses) in Kalampaka. From April 29 to May 2, only 26 properties are available, with the booking rate reaching 87%. The cost for 3 nights ranges from €270 to €318 for a 2 bedroom apartment suitable for a family with 2 children.


In Nafplio, 257 properties (individual houses/apartments) are registered on short-term rental platforms, and only 23 for three days. The cost for 3 nights ranges from 180 € to 330 €. The booking rate reaches 91%.


In Ioannina, the number of objects, according to Airdna, is 270. The number of places for recreation (tourist objects) in the city of Ioannina in the dates from 22/4 to 25/4 is only 31. The booking rate reaches 88%. The cost of 3 overnight stays ranges from €272 to €356.


Booking rates are as high as 86%, with only 12 of the 89 homes listed on short-term rental platforms available. The cost for 3 nights ranges from €237 to €360.

Prefecture of Elis

The number of objects on short-term lease sites is 264 houses. Booking for three days of May Day is about 45%. Rental price for three nights from 159€ to 315€. In Zacharos apartment 40 sq.m. can be rented for 159 €, in Danube a house of 60 sq.m for 161 €, in Katakolo a house of 100 sq.m. up to 236 € and in the Peloponnese, the famous Kurut, a house of 60 sq.m. rented for 315 € for three nights.

Kamena Vourla/Agios Konstantinos

Due to the small number of registered properties on short-term rental sites, the booking rate for three days 29/4-2/5 reaches 74%. The cost for 3 nights in houses of 75-100 sq.m in Agios Konstantinos ranges from 324 € to 441 € for three days, and in Kamena Vourla the price of a house of 40-50 sq.m. ranges from €212 to €222 and a house of 135 sq.m. rented for 693 €.

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