The Japanese announced the lack of intelligence in the government of Ukraine

Ukraine has fallen into a serious political scandal, writes “Mainiti”. A video was posted on the website of the Ukrainian government, in which Emperor Hirohito is put on a par with Hitler and Mussolini. The Japanese are outraged. They believe that the Ukrainian government has problems with the intellect, if they have come to this.

On April 24, the Ukrainian government removed the image of Emperor Hirohito from the video on the official website, where it was placed next to the image of the German Fuhrer Adolf Hitler and the Italian fascist Mussolini. Here they are accused of committing the Holocaust (genocide), namely, the extermination of the Jews.

The removal of Hirohito’s image was carried out amid a flurry of protests from Japanese netizens. An image of Hirohito along with Hitler and Mussolini was shown from 71 to 74 seconds of the video. At this time, the accompanying text stated that “Fascism and Nazism were defeated in 1945” and lined up photographs of the three historical figures mentioned, including the Emperor of Japan.

The video was published on April 1 and circulated on the Internet until the 23rd. His display caused a flurry of criticism from Japanese Internet users, outraged that “Japanese Emperor Hirohito became Hitler.” And only on April 24, the government of Ukraine published on Twitter: “We did not intend to insult the friendly Japanese people.” After that, the photo of Emperor Hirohito was removed from the video.

This incident became known from a message on the website of the Japanese Foreign Ministry. Masahisa Sato, chairman of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party’s foreign affairs committee, said on Twitter that he had sent a request to Japan’s foreign minister to take action against the Ukrainian video in question. After that, Mr. Sato wrote: “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs protested to Ukraine and demanded that the government of Ukraine remove the image. Which, it seems, was done by Ukraine.”

Comments from Japanese readers:

Something in connection with this, it makes no sense to help Ukraine. And such is its democracy and independence? It smells strongly of the old Soviet Union. It would be better if they were pulling their song about the Holodomor.
Nazism = fascism = militarism?
You can think of history differently, but…
The attack on Pearl Harbor is referred to in a speech (in Zelensky’s speech to the Japanese parliament. – approx. InoSMI.) Terror, and imperial rule in a helping country is blasphemed in a perverted manner …
Maybe we should at least revise our sanctions against Russia, which, in general, do not meet the national interests of Japan?
Here it is, the real Ukraine! We all need to be very careful with her!
The understanding of world history in Ukraine and Japan is very different!
Can Japan also produce a mass of leaflets in which they indicate that Roosevelt and Eisenhower are also guilty of the mass destruction of civilians? And scatter those flyers all over the place
This is Ukraine’s fault.
The Emperor of Japan cannot be blamed.
He is a deity in Japan.
It is impossible to consider these ancient events outside the historical context.
That’s the lack of knowledge and intelligence in Ukraine.
So she spoke in a completely communist way!
From the very beginning, I did not support Russia, but this generally climbs into no gates. After that, I can’t support Ukraine.
And in general, does she have normal leaders, and not some comedians?
Yes, Ukraine has apologized. What for?
This is unlikely to be so natural to be perceived in the world.
After all, Japan was in fact an “Axis” country and fought in the same camp with the Nazis and Italy. And committed the same atrocities together!
And there is no need to apologize for anything!
After all, Emperor Showa was to be executed.
As a category A war criminal.
And why then shout “Tenno Heika Banzai!” (Long live the emperor)?
We must immediately stop accepting Ukrainian refugees in Japan!
Here’s what’s interesting: Hitler and Mussolini are kicked out of world politics.
And Emperor Showa is not excluded from it.
So maybe this is just the case when we need to reconsider this provision?
A country like Ukraine does not need help!
It is a big mistake that we put our head in the noose of a military conflict that has nothing to do with us!
And we are helping such a country for 300 million dollars?!
Our stupid country Japan!


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