February 3, 2023

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Motor rally in Germany in support of Russia

Against the backdrop of shelling and death of people in Ukraine, Germany hosted another motor rally approving the policy of the Russian Federation regarding the special operation.

According to euronews, actions in support of Vladimir Putin are regularly held in the country. Like this one, under the Russian tricolor, with about a hundred cars. The journalist of the publication asked several questions to the participants of the action:

Question: “Is Putin not a war criminal?”

Answer: “No, he is not a war criminal,” replies the man, who did not want to introduce himself.

Question: “But civilians are being killed in Ukraine.”

Answer: “Your information is incorrect.”

Question: “Have you seen the photographs of the killed civilians from Bucha?”

Answer: “This is a provocation. There is evidence. But they are not shown in Germany.”

Demonstrator Dmitry convinces:

“This is not a war, but a special operation. Like the American Black Eagle. Exactly. Only the Russians are always portrayed as villains.”

Demonstrations are not prohibited in the country, however, the demonstration of the letter Z (a symbol of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine) is prohibited, according to the decision of the German authorities, it is considered illegal.

The protesters complain that the Russian-speaking population in the country is increasingly facing discrimination:

“The government should do something to protect us.”

To the journalist’s argument: “You are talking about discrimination, but in Ukraine Russian soldiers are killing civilians,” the answer was: “No comment. Whatever it is, I support peace.” These are the words of one of the organizers of the run in support of Natalya’s special operation.

April tenth in a car race in German Hanover 350 cars took part, driving through the streets with Russian flags. At the same time, approximately 3,500 people went to the city center for an anti-war demonstration with Ukrainian flags.

BUT in Greece the parallel holding of two events in April in the center of Athens – an anti-war Ukrainian rally and a motor rally against Russophobia – turned out to be a trauma for a seven-year-old child.

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