More than 30 thousand traffic violations on Easter days

The Hellenic Traffic Police (Τροχαίας) reports that over 30,000 traffic violations were committed during the Easter weekend, which were confirmed by traffic inspectors on the national road network.

According to a Greek police statement, of the 31,978 violations, the majority involved speeding.

The number of violations is as follows:

  • Speeding: 7889
  • Not using a seat belt: 848
  • Drunk driving: 737
  • Non-use of a helmet by motorcyclists: 730
  • Failure to pass technical inspection (CTEO): 583
  • Traffic in the opposite lane: 360
  • Use of mobile phones by the driver while driving: 266
  • Passing a red light: 237
  • Non-standard maneuvers: 175
  • Emergency lane traffic (LEA): 132
  • Overtaking with violations of the rules: 123
  • Priority violation: 54
  • Not using child seats: 29
  • Driving in the left lane: 13
  • Other violations: 19,802

The Greek police have announced that the checks will also continue during the first 3 days of May.

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