March 31, 2023

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Military tension is “exported” to Transnistria

Attempts are being made to open a new front of tension and potential war in Transnistria, where two explosions have taken out communication towers in close proximity to a Russian-controlled military base.

Western media were quick to accept the view that targets were hit in Moldova, but Transnistria, after a brief civil conflict, separated from Moldova during the collapse of the Soviet Union, back in 1990. Since then, the area has been controlled by 1,500 Russian military forces.

Over the past day, the situation around Pridnestrovie has rapidly deteriorated. Three incidents of explosions have already been reported in the region, and local authorities have declared a “red” level of terrorist threat. Moldovan President Maia Sandu, meanwhile, convened a meeting of the Security Council.

The head of Transnistria, Vadim Krasnoselsky, reacted to the words of the President of Moldova that “there is tension between various forces” in the region.

The day before, explosions were heard in Tiraspol, the capital of a separatist region in Moldova. And on Tuesday, early in the morning, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the unrecognized republic reported the explosion of two huge radio antennas inherited by Pridnestrovie from the USSR. Photos confirm this.

The antennas have been used so far to relay Russian radio stations, according to a statement from the Interior Ministry. “In the early morning of April 26, two explosions thundered in the Mayak village of the Grigoriopol district: the first at 6:40, the second at 7:05. Two of the most powerful antennas were disabled: one megawatt, the second half-megawatt. said in a statement on the department’s website.

Krasnoselsky states: “Unlike Ms. Sandu, we absolutely know where the terrorists came from and in the direction of which state they left. I assure you, they have nothing to do with the Pridnestrovian people.” “I urge Ms. Sandu not to talk about what she does not know,” the Transnistrian leader adds.

Earlier, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pridnestrovie issued an appeal. The ministry clarified that in connection with the terrorist incidents, the Moldovan side did not carry out any form of communication with Pridnestrovie through traditional political and diplomatic channels. “In the face of the most difficult challenges for Pridnestrovie, the only form of activity of neighboring Moldova is the continuation of inhuman actions by blocking the import of vital goods to the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, including medicines, food, raw materials, fertilizers and other products,” the Pridnestrovian Foreign Ministry said.

Some Western media have expressed fears that the strikes “on the territory of Moldova” were carried out by the Russians. On April 25, the Ministry of State Security was blown up in Transnistria. The media reported that the building was fired from grenade launchers. There were three explosions in total. Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, said that Russia is trying to destabilize the situation in Transnistria and is hinting to Moldova to wait for “guests”.

“Bad news: if Ukraine does not resist, tomorrow the enemy will be at the gates of Chisinau. The good news is that Ukraine will provide strategic security in the region. However, we must work as one team, ”Podolyak writes on Twitter.

French TV channel France 24 reported on Tuesday afternoon that in breakaway Transnistria, predominantly Russian-speaking and Russian-controlled, the same scenario is happening that we have seen since 2014 in the regions of Eastern Ukraine, Donetsk and Luhansk regions, whatever that entails. According to French analysts, in this region, between Ukraine and Moldova, an attempt may be made to implement something similar to the scenario that unfolded in eastern Ukraine in 2014 and gave Moscow the necessary argument for intervention.

If or when the Russians occupy Odessa, then Transnistria will be geographically connected to the Black Sea coast, Crimea, the coastline of Mariupol, which will transfer the entire Sea of ​​u200bu200bAzov and the Black Sea coastal zone under the complete control of Russia.

Previously, General Rustam Minnekaev, Deputy Commander of the Russian Central Command, declaredthat the Russian army, during the second phase of the special operation that began this week, plans to establish full control over the Donbass and southern Ukraine, to provide a land corridor to the Crimea.

“Since the beginning of the second phase of the special operation, which has already begun just two days ago, one of the tasks of the Russian army is to establish full control over the Donbass and southern Ukraine. This will provide a land corridor to the Crimea, as well as influence the vital objects of the Ukrainian economy,” – Minnekaev said at the annual meeting of the Union of Defense Industries of the Sverdlovsk Region on Friday.

The control of the Russian army over the south of Ukraine will also provide an opportunity to gain access to Transnistria, the Central Military District command said. “Control over the south of Ukraine is another way out to Transnistria, where there are also facts of oppression of the Russian-speaking population,” Minnekaev said.

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