Germany seeks to quickly remove export grain from Ukraine

Germany is aiming to secure grain exports from Ukraine, Deputy Transport Minister Michael Theurer said, but production is expected to fall by 20% due to the war.

Mr Theurer promised in a statement to Handelsblatt today that 20 million tons of grain would be transported to avert a global food crisis. The newspaper reports that the German railways will cooperate with the railways of Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania.

Due to the war, the sea route is blocked, which prevents the transport of large quantities, as a result of which grain prices on the world market have already risen significantly.

“The worst global food crisis in decades is already looming and will affect the poorest people in Africa, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific,” said Development Cooperation Minister Svenja Sulce.

Germany does not report only one thing: what Ukrainians themselves will eat if all grain stocks are taken out of the country. At the same time, the sowing in full (minus, at least, thirty% best lands) is not expected, both due to lack of fuel, and due to lack of fertilizers. However, as they say, the sheriff does not care about the problems of the Indians.

The British Ministry of Defense announced today that this year the grain harvest in Ukraine is expected to decrease by 20% compared to 2021 due to a reduction in acreage, and publications and believe that these figures are significant downplayed.

Ukraine is the world’s fourth largest producer and exporter of agricultural products, according to the British ministry, which warns that reduced supplies from Ukraine will create inflationary pressure and push up world grain prices.

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