Germany: an appeal to Scholz from opponents of arms supplies to Ukraine

Scholars and cultural figures of Germany wrote an open letter to Olaf Scholz, Chancellor of Germany, with a request to stop supplying weapons to Ukraine.

Not everyone in Germany is in favor of the FRG helping Ukraine with weapons. Some scientists and cultural figures turned to Chancellor Scholz with an open letter, urging them to end the war in Ukraine not by supplying weapons, but through negotiations, quotes Berliner Zeitung:

“Regardless of success, the cost of prolonged military resistance will be new destroyed cities and villages, new victims among the Ukrainian population.”

The signatories of the appeal call for negotiations with the Russian Federation, stating that NATO is now at risk of a nuclear war with Russia. The authors will send a copy of the letter to the Bundestag. The appeal was signed by 18 political scientists, journalists, lawyers, writers, economists and musicians, including:

Joachim Gillar, publicist
Luc Johimsen, journalist, TV editor, MP 2005-2013
Christoph Kramer, surgeon
Karin Kulov, political scientist
Helmut Lohrer, doctor
Mohsen Massarrat, political scientist and economist
Hans Misselwitz, member of the “committee on values” of the ruling Social Democratic Party of Germany
Ruth Misselwitz, Protestant theologian
Norman Pech, international law expert, former member of the German Bundestag
Werner Ruf, political scientist and sociologist
Gert Sommer, psychologist, former board member of the Center for Conflict Research in Marburg
Hans Christoph Graf von Sponeck, former UN Assistant Secretary General
Antje Walmer, former Vice President of the German Bundestag
Konstantin Veker, musician, composer and writer.

Deliveries of heavy weapons from Germany to Ukraine were initially difficult. The government delays deliveries and does not transfer heavy weapons and armored vehicles so much needed to Ukraine. The already prepared list of weapons was halved by the authorities, removing all the necessary heavy weapons from it.

A political struggle began around the supply of weapons. The CDU/CSU opposition bloc plans to submit to the Bundestag after the holidays a draft resolution on the provision of heavy weapons to Kyiv – in the event that Chancellor Olaf Scholz does not make such a decision. There are also many supporters of military assistance to Ukraine in the ruling coalition. Therefore, it is expected that even without the support of the Chancellor, the resolution will be able to win a majority.

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