March 31, 2023

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Expert: Greece will have 5-10 severe cases of acute hepatitis in children

Ghikas Majorkinis does not believe that there will be a large number of cases of acute hepatitis in children in Greece.

The professor of epidemiology, a member of the expert commission of the Ministry of Health, speaking on the SKAI channel, said that 5-10 severe cases of hepatitis in children are expected in our country.

The professor also said that it is extremely difficult to limit the spread of hepatitis, stressing that “there are many cases in many countries that are not linked, although it is not established where the infection originated. This means either widespread or a virus that has been circulating for many years. The fact that we have not seen it in children in recent years is probably due to the fact that we had a quarantine.

As for the reasons new form of hepatitis, Gikas Maiorkinis said that so far there have been only isolated isolated cases of infectious hepatitis in children. The reason why we see them in children (rather than adults) now is due to the fact that older age has become immune to hepatitis.

“If this is adenovirus 41, then it is extremely difficult to curb it, since it is even more contagious than coronavirus,” the professor said.

Majorkinis: there will be no new coronavirus outbreak

Regarding the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, Ghikas Maiorkinis estimated that there will either be a decrease in the number of cases or a slight increase in them in the near future. However, according to the professor, there will be no outbreak of the virus that could cause problems.

Mr. Majorkinis reacted positively to the script abolishing the use of masks in schools, emphasizing that it is very likely that we will see this – if not in the near future, then certainly from September. “I am for the abolition of the wearing of masks in schools. We are already discussing this possibility, but it depends not only on me,” the expert said.

Regarding the fourth dose of the vaccine for the general population, he said that “we are very far from such a solution”, while, according to him, if it is needed in the end, it will be from September or October.

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