How to Reduce Your Electricity Bills: Tips for European Citizens

The European Union has urged Europeans to drive as little as possible, turn on their air conditioners less often and work from home three times a week to reduce addiction. EU from Russian gas and oil.

According to the commission, the measures developed by the International Energy Agency (Διεθνή Οργανισμό Ενέργειας, ΔΟΕ) could save 450 euros per year for each household, the Greek edition quotes the BBC.

Russia’s energy market is helping to support its economy and fund the war effort in Ukraine. However, although Europe cannot yet find alternative supply routes, it calls on citizens to adapt to the new conditions that have arisen.

The nine-point plan, titled “Playing My Part,” encourages citizens to drive as little as possible, use public transportation, and work from home three days a week.

In addition, citizens are encouraged to:

  • Reduce heating as much as possible in winter and use air conditioning as little as possible in summer.
  • Drive down the highway more slowly without using the air conditioning in the car.
  • Prefer to travel by train or plane.
  • Use public transport to travel and, if possible, give preference to walking or cycling.
  • Limit car trips on Sundays as much as possible.

According to Fatih Birol, head of Διεθνή Οργανισμό Ενέργειας, ΔΟΕ, by doing so “citizens in Europe should do their part” by watching the horrific scenes of human suffering unfolding in Ukraine after the Russian invasion.

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