November 30, 2023

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European Commissioner: "Important milestone for EU citizens"

On the night from Friday to Saturday, after long 16-hour consultations, the countries EU agreed on the historic Digital Services Act or DSA.

Vice-President of the European Commission and European Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager said on Twitter:

“Thanks to the law on digital services, what is illegal offline will also be considered and regulated online – and this is not a slogan, but a reality!”

The law is designed to stop illegal content on the Internet and effectively combat misinformation on the Internet. Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for the Internal Market, said that after the political agreement reached, the Internet giants will no longer be able to behave as before, reliably hiding behind their dominance in the market. As Breton said, this is “an important milestone for EU citizens.”

Now all platforms with an audience of active users exceeding 45 million – Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Meta, YouTube, Amazon, LinkedIn and even Booking – are required to provide the authorities with annual reports on content moderation, inform the courts of major offenses as soon as possible, remove violating e-commerce message rules.

They do not have the right to use gender, religious and political parameters in the creation of targeted advertising, and are also required to combat the posting of sexual content online without the consent of the person represented in it.

The penalties for violating EU legislation are tough: fines for Internet companies in the amount of up to 6% of their global turnover and a possible ban on activities in the European Union in case of repeated violation, writes dw.

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