Easter gifts given to the homeless

Throughout Holy Week, a group of volunteers from the charitable organization Apostles of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens handed out bags of gifts to the homeless.

By order of Archbishop Jerome, the staff and volunteers of APOSTOLIS showed solidarity, “sharing” the feelings of longing, abandonment and loneliness of the homeless, sharing with them the essentials, as well as numerous wishes for a happy Resurrection and a smile that maintains hope in their hearts.

Food packages include canned food, sweets, water and fruit juices. Sometimes humanitarian aid is accompanied by donations of bedding, clothes and shoes (depending on weather conditions, circumstances and the needs of those in need).

The beneficiaries of the rations are homeless people, drug addicts, prisoners, the poor, pensioners, the financially vulnerable, our brethren, “driven to a standstill” by the financial crisis.

APOSTLES has supported thousands of homeless people over the past ten years by mapping the needs and conditions of outcasts.

The “MISSION TO THE HOMELESS” program was launched in April 2012 by order of the organization’s leadership.

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