Corfu: thousands of people watched the custom at Easter

Exactly at 11 o’clock in the morning of Great Saturday, April 23, hundreds of jugs of all sizes rained down from the balconies of houses in Liston, with loud applause from those present.

Despite the pandemonium, citizens managed to capture the moment of the traditional Easter custom on their mobile phones. The people of Corfu threw clay pots, jugs, many of which were full of water, from the windows and balconies of houses decorated with flower garlands in order to “expel evil” (ξορκίσουν το κακό). This is a custom that comes from the depths of centuries and is based on the gospel verse “… I will crush them like earthen vessels …”.

The signal was given by the bells of the churches of the city, which at exactly 11 o’clock began a solemn chime. The believers hurried to the place of action, in order, according to tradition, to take a piece of a broken jug “for good luck” and take it home. Immediately after that, the philharmonic orchestras gave a joyful rhythm to the event, playing on the streets of the city.

At midnight, Metropolitan Nektarios will make a Sunday procession in the central square of Corfu and, as usual every year, immediately after Christ is Risen, the atmosphere will become “explosive” and spectacular from the festive fireworks.

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