Incredible: the journalist became infected with the coronavirus for the third time

A journalist from Thessaloniki has contracted coronavirus for the third time! She reportedly became infected just 18 days after she contracted the disease a second time, despite having been vaccinated against the coronavirus three times.

This is a television worker who was diagnosed with covid-19 for the third time on April 19 and tested positive on April 1. Speaking to, she explains the “adventure” she continues to have with Covid-19, and the fact that when EODY informed her for the third time that she was “sick” and the woman asked if she should to be quarantined again, she was told “probably not”, although the doctor later indicated that she could be the source of the infection, writes

Had Covid three times

As the journalist states: “I was vaccinated with two vaccines in accordance with the recommendations of EODY and the government. In May last year, the first dose was taken, and in June, the second.

On June 16, I received my first vaccination certificate. I first got sick on November 11 (delta strain) and it was not easy for me. For the first four days, I couldn’t sleep because of the pain in my bones.

On February 10, 2022 and 90 days after the illness, I am giving my third booster shot. On March 29, I start having symptoms and I take a covid test every day. April 1 test positive. I am going into quarantine, and on April 7 I have a negative result.

On April 19, when I was passing through the TIF gate, I was asked to take a test. I laughed at the “jokers” by saying that I had three vaccinations and suffered the disease twice, and the last time – quite recently. But since I saw that there were few people, I decided to take a test. And what would you think?! It turned out to be positive! Now I don’t know what to do and when it will all end. Can someone explain to me what’s going on?!”

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