Alexis Tsipras: society needs measures for resurrection, not crucifixion

Speaking to the electorate, Alexis Tsipras, leader of the opposition SYRIZA-PS, said that “the salary is not enough even to pay electricity bills and two trips to the supermarket, so it needs to be increased to 800 euros.”

Greek society needs resurrection measures, not crucifixion measures. “Greek society requires breath and perspective,” said Alexis Tsipras, president of SYRIZA-PS, in his speech after visiting the Kallithea market this morning.

The opposition party president had the opportunity to speak with consumers and shopkeepers “both about the sharp decline in market revenues and traffic, and about the tragic situation that is emerging for households and merchants with bills ΔΕΗ and rising prices. He noted that “the salary is not enough even to pay bills for electricity and two trips to the supermarket, so it needs to be increased to 800 euros.”

Worst Easter in years

In particular, Mr Tsipras said that “this Easter may be the worst we have experienced in many years” and “the Easter table will be poorer because families cannot afford to pay huge energy bills and purchases with frightening growth prices.” He emphasized that during his tour of the Kallithea market, he saw “the indignation, rage, desperation of people who come shopping these holidays, as well as professionals who are experiencing frightening difficulties.” “Obviously, if this situation will continue for many more months, we will reach an unprecedented dead end. Over the past 3 years, every Easter has gotten worse and worse,” he said.

The salary is not even enough for electricity – it needs to be increased to 800 euros

The leader of the official opposition stressed that “there are not enough changes that cannot withstand the crisis.” “Yesterday, the minimum wage increased by 7.5%, and inflation is 9%. We raised the minimum wage by 11% when we had negative inflation. And we made a commitment and demanded that the salary rise to 800 euros, a year ago, before the crisis came, ”he said, noting that Greek society needs resurrection measures, not crucifixion measures for the people households.

Mr. Tsipras emphasized that “immediate intervention in electricity tariffs is needed to reduce them by at least 50%. It is necessary to reduce VAT on consumer goods, reduce the special tax on consumption. Greek society requires fresh trends and perspectives,” he added.

“It is obvious that the government of Mr. Mitsotakis does not want and cannot,” he pointed out, emphasizing that “only a progressive government with the victory of the SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance in the next elections can implement measures to revive and make life easier for the majority of Greek society” .

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