Plan for the reconstruction of Ermou Street in the historical center of Athens (video)

The Central Council for Architecture (KESA) has approved a plan submitted by the Municipality of Athens for the redevelopment of the lower part of Ermou Street in the historic center of the Greek capital, which stretches from the Kapnikarei church to the Thiseio railway station.

The plan reportedly includes widening sidewalks, removing temporary parking spaces, and planting trees next to the sidewalk.

In addition, five metal perforated pergolas will be installed along the street in the section from Athinas Street to Asomaton Square on the south side of Ermou. The goal is for the pergolas to serve as awnings during the summer months, protecting pedestrians from the sun. In addition, it is expected that the pergolas will contribute to the display of furniture sales and repair shops, which are very numerous in the area.

The plan must be approved by the competent councils of the Ministry of Culture.

Then a project with a budget in 4.2 million euros will be submitted for approval to the Council of Modern Monuments (KSNM) and the Central Archaeological Council (KAS).

The goal of the Municipality of Athens is for the licensing process to be completed this year so that the project can be put up for auction in early 2023.

Its estimated construction time is around 18 months and completion should not be expected before 2025.

PS And what about the “Big Walk”? The project, so promoted by Bakoyannis, with a total cost of the same 4 million euros. Has it already been implemented and exists? Or was the money brazenly stolen, and on the central Syntagma square and the main street of the capital Panepistimiou, for more than six months there have been torn sidewalks covered with ugly shields? Just like flowerpots with green plantings have practically dried up, and the bike path has been turned into a parking lot for cars.

PPS I carefully watched the video. I still don’t understand, but what is there worth 4.2 million euros? Pavement, tiles, lights? A section of road 435 meters long… a million euros for 100 meters?

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