Google fined for "fakes" about war

The Moscow World Court on Thursday fined the American corporation Google for 11 million rubles. The reason for the fine was the company’s refusal to remove allegedly false information about a special operation in Ukraine.

Four million – for false information about the losses of the RF Armed Forces during a special operation in Ukraine and about civilian casualties,
another 7 million rubles. will have to pay for YouTube videos “calling for terrorist attacks.” The Interfax news agency quotes the court decision:

“Recognize Google LLC guilty of committing an administrative offense. The company was fined 4 million rubles.”

According to the investigation data, Google refused to remove information about the death toll and “extremist statements against the Russians and the leadership of the Russian Federation.”

The protocol was drawn up in connection with the failure to remove prohibited information and because of the publication on YouTube of clips of the “Right Sector” (banned in the Russian Federation), with calls for terrorist attacks and sabotage on the territory of Russia. And also with the placement of materials from the official channel of the Azov battalion, a video about the interception of telephone conversations of the military of the RF Armed Forces with their relatives, which were at the disposal of the SBU and other video materials, writes air force. In Roskomnadzor declared:

“In recent weeks, YouTube, owned by Google, has emerged as one of the main foreign resources taking part in the information war against Russia. The video hosting administration completely ignores the requirements of Russian legislation, does not remove illegal and prohibited content.”

At today’s official exchange rate, 1 million rubles is worth 11.5 thousand euros.

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