War in Ukraine is a global threat to the world, Ipsos poll shows

A survey by Ipsos Global Advisor in 27 countries showed that 80% of the world’s population is sure that the war in Ukraine is a global threat.

The survey also showed unity in caring for Ukrainians, a willingness to accept refugees and wariness of military intervention in the conflict. More than 82% of respondents consider the war in Ukraine to be a huge risk for the world as a whole. New research Ipsos was conducted on an online survey platform among 19,000 adults under the age of 75 between March 25 and April 3. As a result of its analysis, the company reports

“On average across 27 countries, 82% believe that the war in Ukraine poses a large or significant risk to the world as a whole; 61% believe that this applies to their country. The perception that one’s own country faces significant risk is most Japan (87%), Poland (77%), South Korea (77%) and Sweden (75%)”.

From 57% to 77% of the study participants follow the news about the war, 74% agree that their country should accept Ukrainian refugees. The highest rates are in Sweden (89%), the Netherlands (86%), Spain (85%), Poland (84%). The latter, to date, has received the largest number of Ukrainian refugees.

At the same time, 68% of respondents believe that non-intervention in the situation in Ukraine will encourage Russia to further military action elsewhere, and 72% of respondents believe that their country should avoid military intervention. Support sending their own troops to Ukraine on average 17% of survey participants.

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