Tsipras: “Because of Mitsotakis, Greece has the most expensive electricity price in Europe”

Alexis Tsipras reiterated its proposals to keep the cost of electricity bills as low as possible, emphasizingthat just as Portugal implemented it without budget costs, so can Greece.

“We don’t need to cut down money trees, we want to cut down thieves’ trees,” the opposition leader said in an interview. OPEN Wednesday morning. “The collapse of the government is obvious to the naked eye,” said the head of SYRIZA.

“Why does a megawatt-hour cost 280 euros in Greece and 112 euros in Spain? Why do we have the most expensive electricity? In a nutshell, the answer is:Kyriakos Mitsotakis” said Alexis Tsipras. “The government leaves the market ostensibly self-regulating. No budget spending required. We will do it like Portugal, like Spain. We will tax the profits. We don’t need to cut money trees, we want to cut thieves’ trees.‘, he said characteristically.

The leader of SYRIZA proposed to introduce a ceiling on wholesale prices for electricity and state regulation in the energy exchange. “The energy market is a European directive. The fact is that we have a legal framework, which, however, is not correctly applied in Greece. It’s deadly for households, for businesses. They get bills that kill their budgethe said, wondering:the prime minister has been waiting for him for 8 months? When profit before the crisis [производителей эрергии] per megawatt-hour was 3-4 euros, and now it has reached 100 euros … Golden blue boys who went to do resumes there for 60,000 a year. Who is this advertisement for?“.

Concerning ΔΕΗ, Tsipras emphasized: “Mitsotakis in TIF did not talk about the privatization of ΔΕΗ, he kept it a secret. And he said only a few days later.

Debt relief for small businesses

The SYRIZA leader also proposed partial debt relief for small businesses due to high inflation. “The minimum wage does not create costs for the budget. The economy can withstand this, and it must be done, because inflation is already at 9%, and the people must also live. […] These debts that are accumulating today cannot be repaid. We need partial debt relief for small businesses“, – he said.

Alexis Tsipras also blamed the government, saying that “7 billion euros left with direct transfers through closed tenders“. “ATthe government’s collapse poll is absolutely obvious. His failure to address both rising prices and the failure of the pandemic. Syria is not difficult to come out on top, the hardest thing is to restore the economy. If this continues, we will have a humanitarian crisis.“, he added, calling for elections. “It’s fair to resort to the people’s verdict”– he said.

As for the Russian-Ukrainian war, Alexis Tsipras spoke out against sending weapons to Ukraine: There was no reason for Greece to send military equipment and thereby show that it is part of the crisis. Nobody forced us, it was the wrong choice. It is a big mistake that nothing was offered to the country.” According to the leader of SYRIZA, “Getting involved in a conflict is the wrong strategy“.

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