December 11, 2023

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Greek paratrooper hung overboard S-130 for 4 minutes

A dangerous situation occurred today with a Greek special forces soldier who hung overboard a C-130 military aircraft for about 4 minutes.

The plane took off from Larnaca airport for training jumps. When he reached an altitude of 5000 feet (1.52 kilometers), the paratroopers began to parachute. The first soldier of the Greek special forces jumped out of the C-130, but his parachute did not open, leaving the paratrooper in limbo for several minutes, 4.5 meters from the aircraft – that is, the length of the lanyard.

He tried to open it by hand, but the safety ring that connected the strap to the parachute bag prevented him from doing so. Fortunately, the rest of the paratroopers were able to drag him aboard the plane.

It is expected that in the coming days, the head of GEETHA will award special forces officers who did not lose their heads and saved their colleague.

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