Greece: the number of infected exceeded 10,000, 46 died

In the past 24 hours, the number of coronavirus cases has risen to 10,005, Greek health authorities said on Tuesday. At the same time, 46 Covid-related deaths have been registered. It is encouraging that the number of intubated, for the first time in several months, has fallen below 300 and now stands at 298 people.

EODY Data April 19

Since the beginning of the pandemic in Greece have been confirmed 3 251 248 infections (daily change: +0.3%). Number of reinfections in the last 24 hours 222. (Note that re-infections are not included in daily confirmed cases).

As a result 46 deaths total number of victims of the pandemic reached 28,701. Of these, 95.5% had an underlying disease and/or were 70 years of age or older. On ventilators in hospitals are 298 patients. Their median age is 70 years, 65.2% are male, and 93.3% have an underlying medical condition and/or are 70 years of age or older.

Of the total in ventilation 56.04% not vaccinated or partially vaccinated and 43.96% fully vaccinated. Since the beginning of the pandemic, patients have been discharged from intensive care units 4575 people.

208 patients with Covid-19 were hospitalized in the last 24 hours (daily change: +22.35%). The average daily hospitalization for the last 7 days was 237 people. The median age of new infections is 36 years (range 0.2 to 106 years) and the median age of deaths is 79 years (range 0.2 to 106 years).

Geographic distribution April 19

Of the 10,005 new cases of coronavirus infection in total 4 were imported from abroad.

Other cases:

4148 Attica

1095 Thessaloniki

3-digit numbers of infected people registered in:

  • Etoloakarnania 148
  • Argolis 131
  • Ahaye 180
  • Evia 191
  • Elijah 102
  • Imati 118
  • Heraklion 289
  • Janine 144
  • Kavale 116
  • Kozani 122
  • Corinth 142
  • Larissa 320
  • Magnesia 150
  • Messinia 133
  • Pierii 120
  • Rhodes 116
  • Serres 155
  • Ftalione 165.

For more details, including geographic distribution, check the EODY Daily Newsletter in Greek here.

As we reported earlier, an emergency press conference is scheduled for April 20.conference of representatives of the Ministry of Health of Greece. So far, neither its cause nor what will be announced on it is known for sure.

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