September 30, 2023

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Thessaloniki: a healthy baby was born to a refugee from Ukraine

Fleeing the horrors of war, a young pregnant refugee from Ukraine took refuge in Thessaloniki and a few days ago gave birth to a very healthy baby boy at Genesis Clinic (Euromedica).

“It was a difficult birth, but everything went well. We watched her for the last few weeks before she gave birth. All of us – doctors, midwives, all the staff – cooperated very well and received the patient warmly from the first moment,” said the obstetrician-gynecologist Mr.

All clinic and obstetric services were provided free of chargeas Genesis Clinic for Gynecological Surgery and Obstetrics, as well as two other clinics of the Euromedica group in Thessaloniki – GENERAL CLINIC and Κυανούς Σταυρός participate in the initiative on a voluntary basis to provide free medical care to refugees from Ukraine during the crisis in the country.

In this context, the other two groups of the clinic reacted accordingly to the arrival of refugees from Ukraine who needed medical assistance.

The Euromedica group, deeply aware of its social role and guided by the principles of optimal patient care, actively participates in the initiative to care for Ukrainian refugees, providing its services free of charge during hostilities, in agreement with the Medical Association of Thessaloniki Κυανούς Σταυρός and the Consulate of Ukraine.

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