The richest man on the planet is homeless

He may have more billions than any other person, but the Tesla founder… doesn’t own a single home!

Unlike most of the world’s billionaires, Elon Musk leads a relatively simple life, far removed from the pleasures and displays of wealth that others face.

The South African owner of Tesla, Space X, The Boring Company and and co-founder of Neuralink and OpenAI appears to have changed the course of his life in terms of consuming the vast wealth it generates. Despite this, he never went so far as to provoke the envy of anyone with the objects and things he had, not to mention showing them to others … who do not have “such happiness”.

Musk does not seem to believe in the “value of things” (he is not sick of “thingism”, a passion for accumulation and enrichment). And one of the main reasons for this, according to him, is the obsession with his vision of a better world and his… workaholism.

In a recent TED interview from the Tesla Gigafactory in Texas (USA), Musk said that he has no yacht and no own house. The South African prefers to stay with friends who have the opportunity to accommodate him – he … sleeps in their guest bedrooms (as he characteristically stated) when he is in the San Francisco Bay Area, where Tesla has a Research and Development Center.

Musk has planned his life in such a way that he works as much as he can in one day, and therefore usually does not even take a vacation. The one exception Musk has is his private jet, which he characteristically said gives him even more… man-hours because it helps him get around quickly.

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