March 31, 2023

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The priest insulted the transgender and forbade her to dine in the church cafeteria

With rude language such as “man with boobs”, “devil creature”, etc., a priest in the Kallithea metropolitan area kicked a transgender man out of the parish cafeteria.

A transgender person who identifies as a woman has been going to a parish cafeteria in the Athens district of Kallithea for the past two weeks. On Palm Sunday, the priest saw her and lashed out with insulting epithets such as “creation of the devil” and “man with boobs”, after which he forbade her to take food and participate in parish charity dinners.

The woman contacted RED UMBRELLA ATHENS, a community service project for sex workers. RUA filed a lawsuit against the priest with the Police Department on charges of sexist crimes.

In a conversation with a site dealing with the protection of gay rights advocate The victim reported that at some point the parish warden asked the trans woman for documents (identity card, etc.) to confirm her identity (sex change). As it turned out, the transgender did not make any changes in the documents.

According to the lawyer, “although she herself took advantage of the gender identity change, the process was not completed due to delays caused by the pandemic.”

When the parish did not receive documents certifying the fact of being transgender, “the priest launched transphobic attacks. With rude language, the priest denied the transgender a free canteen and kicked him out of the church grounds.”

According to reports, the priest appealed to the Holy Synod to justify his behavior, claiming that the church accepts homosexuals, but not sinners. The priest reportedly threatened other people participating in the meal not to give the transgender man food.

Some TV channels reported that the priest claimed to have received information that a transgender person is not poor, and how a prostitute (ka) earns a lot of money by the standards of Greece. And the reason for the incident was that the transgender was engaged in prostitution as a woman, without filling out the necessary documents for a sex change.

“This lawsuit is just the beginning,” RED UMBRELLA ATHENS threatened. “We will continue to support him until justice is done.”

As it became known on Tuesday, the Archbishop of Athens and All Hellas Jerome ordered an investigation sexist behavior of a priest about a trans woman.

Archbishop’s statement:Each person is a person, and as a person is the image of God. Our Church not only on these holy days, but every day, every month, every year, every moment accepts every one in need, every brother of ours who is being tested, regardless of gender and race, as well as religious beliefs or beliefs, without criticizing or stigmatizing him. Every cleric of our Church must be a deacon of God and all people.”.

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