March 26, 2023

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Pegas tanker blocked at Karystos pier

There are 19 Russian sailors on board the Pegas tanker, blocked by the port authorities at the Karystos pier, the Coast Guard reports.

Due to mechanical damage, the Pegasus was towed to the Peloponnese and had to reload oil onto another ship there. The plans were thwarted by the aggression of nature – due to unfavorable conditions, it was necessary to anchor at Cape Doro, in the sea area of ​​​​Karystos, reports

The decision to block it, according to information, adopted by the Anti-Money Laundering Authority in the context of the implementation of the sanctions that were imposed by NATO and EU in relation to ships flying the Russian flag. The obligation concerns the tanker, not its cargo. It is assumed that the management company will try to prove that it is not included in the sanctions list.

According to the shipping publication, the ship’s route and records are quite confusing. The tanker, as follows from the report, was acquired by Russia in 2020 and has already changed its name twice – PERUN in 2020-2021, since June 2021 – PEGAS. From Turkey, from the Sea of ​​Marmara, the ship sailed in early April.

According to, two Russian tankers, including one loaded with PEGAS, were detained in Karystos Bay due to EU sanctions against Russian courts. At the same time, VF TANKER 2, which left Piraeus on April 17 for the port of Kavkaz on the Black Sea, interrupted its route and, for an unknown reason, headed for the Gulf of Karystos. However, according to data from, the second tanker appears to be on the move and moving away from the port of Karistos.

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