Investigation into the attack of a priest on a transvestite

Archbishop Jerome has ordered an investigation into a priest’s sexist behavior towards a trans woman (a former male who had sex reassignment surgery) whom he kicked out of the church due to “inappropriate personality.”

Incident with the priest at Kallithea, who denied a trans woman access to free meals on church groundspublicly cursing her, provoked a reaction from Archbishop Jerome.

According to what has become known so far, a transvestite woman went to the parish in order to survive (to eat) because of her distress, but as soon as her gender became known, she was attacked by a priest. Parishioners witnessed the egregious incident.

Archbishop of Athens and all Greece Jerome ordered the competent authorities to investigate the incident, writes

Archbishop’s statement: “Every person is a person, and as a person he is the image of God. Our Church not only on these holy days, but every day, every month, every year, every moment accepts every one in need, every brother of ours who is being tested, regardless of gender and race, as well as religious beliefs or beliefs, without criticizing or stigmatizing him. Every cleric of our Church must be a deacon of God and all people.”

Meanwhile, the case gained publicity after a lawsuit filed against the priest by the Athenian organization Red Umbrella, which was approached by a female transvestite.

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