Imperial gates of Hagia Sophia damaged

The historic Imperial Gate of Hagia Sophia was damaged, the Turkish Union of Art History said on Tuesday, attaching a photograph of the damage to the statement.

The picture shows in detail how the oak wood of the 15-century gate was damaged. The head of security simply said, “Don’t worry, this can be fixed.”

The Imperial Gate is the main entrance to the temple, it is the largest gate in the Hagia Sophia and dates back to the 6th century AD. Their height is about 7 meters, and Byzantine sources say that they were made from the wood of Noah’s ark, which, in turn, was made from oak.

A tweet from the Union of Art Critics states:We found that the historic Imperial Gate of Hagia Sophia is in this condition and photographed it today around 20:45 (04/18/2022)”.

The union pointed to a response from Hagia Sophia’s security chief, who stated that he had no knowledge of the incident and told the union members that they were acting “maliciously” and all they wanted to do was “make trouble” when told him that they would report the incident to the prosecutor’s office.

What did the Hagia Sophia security officer say about the destruction of the historical Imperial Gate.

“Unfortunately, I heard a terrible statement from a man who said that his name is Mr. Talib, and he is in charge of security at Hagia Sophia. He said that he had no information that there was no video from the surveillance camera. He added: “There is nothing to worry about, it can be fixed.” We will never accept such a person to manage the security of Hagia Sophia, one of the most important architectural works in the world. We will sue both to identify those who destroyed the historic gates and to ensure that this person is removed from this position as soon as possible.”

“The funniest thing,” the author of the post writes, is that “as it turned out, there is no camera (not aimed at the door)”, which means that the culprit will never be found…

According to, Deputy General Secretary of Istanbul Municipality Mahir Polat spoke on the incident, stating: “The person or persons who caused this disaster must be identified using a camera (video surveillance). The case should be referred to the prosecutor’s office, as they deliberately damaged the number one historic building – the Hagia Sophia.

The post caused outrage among Turkish art lovers, but one user said that “the crowd destroyed the door.”

Two years ago, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan turned cradle of orthodoxy to the mosque. Maybe it was done by a crowd of people entering the door to pray to Allah, but most likely it was the work of one person…

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