February 8, 2023

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Greek motorists will be able to pay road tax in monthly installments

The Hellenic Independent Tax Authority (AADE) announced on Monday the opening of an online platform for motorists, where it will now be possible to pay the annual road tax on a monthly basis.

In addition, the platform MyCAR allows motorists to perform the following actions online:

  • Temporarily mark the vehicle as stationary so as not to pay road tax by turning in license plates to the police without visiting the tax office.
  • Download the toll road notice and get your toll road certificate.
  • Remove the immobility of the vehicle and pay the road tax monthly.

MyCar can be accessed with TaxisNet tax codes.

The app is expected to run myCAR on the Taxisnet platform will bring back to the roads many of the 120,000 cars that were previously sitting in dusty parking lots due to the fact that the owners did not have money for taxes.

Authorities say motorists who re-introduce their vehicle will be subject to an online check to see if they have insurance on the vehicle at the time of application.

It should be noted that the right to “removal from the joke” is granted once a year. The platform concerns personal cars or motorcycles.

The app allows motorists to pay tax in as little as one month, provided the car is insured. For example: for an old (but still decent) car with a 5-liter engine, you need to pay almost 1380 euros per year, for a month it will be a little more than 1/12 of the annual amount.

To be “digitally unshackled” vehicle owners need to:

  • enter TAXISnet codes on the myCar AADE platform;
  • indicate the vehicle that is in a stationary state (was laid up);
  • pay tolls for the months that the car owner intends to use the vehicle, without penalty.

To “remove from a joke” you need:

  • Payment of registration fees for the year in which the property will be occupied (removed) or proportional/monthly registration fees corresponding to the period of immobilization.
  • Have an active vehicle insurance policy.

If fees are not paid, the “Traffic Fee Notice” line is selected.

Attention: After the end of the paid period, the vehicle cannot be moved. Otherwise, fines of up to 30,000 euros are provided in case of a repetition of the violation.

The vehicle owner then chooses whether to pay annual or prorated road tax, in which case:

  • An appropriate notification with a payment code is generated annually.
  • Select the number of months for which the vehicle owner intends to pay road tax.
  • A valid insurance policy is monitored through the web service of the association of insurance companies.

Road tax payment by December 31st

Toll rates for vehicles purchased since 2006 are as follows:

  • From 1072 cc to 1357 cc – the owner has to pay 135 euros.
  • From 1358 cc to 1548 cc – the owner has to pay 255 euros.
  • From 1549 cc to 1738 cc – the owner has to pay 280 euros
  • From 1739 cc to 1928 cc – the owner must pay 320 euros
  • From 1929 cc to 2357 cc – the owner has to pay 690 euros.
  • From 4001 cu. cm and above – the owner must pay 1380 euros.

You can check the tax amount by link (you must enter the registration number of the car).

Late payment of tax (or refusal to pay) entails a fine. Fines start at 10,000 euros. In the event of a repeat violation, they are tripled and amount to 30,000 euros, and the owner or user’s driver’s license to drive a vehicle for 3 years should also be withdrawn.

The penalty is:

  • the amount of the fee, if the vehicle is a two-wheeled / three-wheeled motorcycle or a car,
  • 50% fee if the vehicle is a passenger vehicle,
  • zero if the road tax is less than 30 euros.

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