Covid measures: Greece cancels remote work for civil servants

Hundreds of thousands of Greek civil servants are in mourning. From May 2, the Greek State Administration will cancel the remote work regime for civil servants, and citizens will again be able to access public services even without an appointment.

According to the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, from May 2, 2022, public services will work in full with the personal presence of all personnel, including employees belonging to risk groups. The remote work mode will be canceled and, as reportedservices to the public can be carried out, but not exclusively, according to the schedule.

For almost 2 years, Greek civil servants pretended to work… remotely. This is not a typo, but the result of surveys of hundreds of our readers and thousands of read posts on social networks. And previously, Greek civil servants who were not particularly diligent and not particularly zealous in fulfilling their duties finally relaxed during the pandemic.

For example: when I next visited the semi-state National Bank of Greece with a simple request, I was asked to sign up for the month of June. On my words that it would take the clerk 10 minutes, despite the fact that at that time there were 5 bank employees and not a single visitor in the bank’s premises, I was refused. And this situation is everywhere.

Employees of public services do not answer phones, letters are often answered from 10 times, and the websites of public services, which, in theory, should reduce the burden on officials, constantly require “manual” verification.

Therefore, the abolition of remote work, where it was possible to “score at work” and do household chores or have fun during working hours, will be a heavy blow for many officials. However, that’s not all…

Express tests remain and you need to pay for them out of your own pocket

According to the same circular of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, from May 2, 2022, it is provided that all employees public and private sectors (previously telecommuting) who are not fully vaccinated or have not had Covid-19 and are working inside or outside their service facilities should perform a diagnostic test twice a week with using a molecular test method (PCR) or using the rapid determination of the Covid-19 coronavirus antigen (rapid test) in private diagnostic laboratories or in private clinics, or in pharmacies, or by a private doctor.

All tests are now carried out at the personal expense of employees.

The cancellation of remote work is another measure that will be lifted in early May. along with refusing to show Covid-Pass – certificates of vaccination or recovery – for access to the premises of establishments such as restaurants, bars and shops.

We hope that it will not be postponed to a later period, otherwise something is wrong in China again …

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