Poll: what do Greeks think about socialism and capitalism

Interesting conclusions about the ideological positions of the Greeks are provided by the study “ΔιαΝΕΟσις”, conducted by the Marc company in the period from January 26 to February 5 of this year. In part “B” of the survey, participants were asked to rate eight terms that describe different ideological attitudes.

“Bad” rated capitalism the majority of respondents, also expressing their negative opinion about neoliberalism and communism.
Most Greeks treat two of them well: 53.2% consider socialism “good”, as well as liberalism – 52%.

On all other ideological lines, most Greeks are negative. In particular, 47.6% have a negative attitude towards “neoliberalism”, and 69.8% towards communism. The majority of those polled, 53.5%, consider capitalism “bad”, while 31.8% consider it “good”.

As noted in the diANEOsis study, there have been some historical changes in the past seven years: in 2015, 52.5% of Greeks had a positive view of the “left”, while in 2022 this percentage fell and now stands at about 32%.

At the time, 40.5% thought “radicalism” was a “good thing”, and in 2022 the corresponding percentage has dropped significantly, to 19.6%. In 2018, 41.1% rated “neoliberalism” positively, and in 2022 this figure has almost halved and now only 25% consider it something good. 14.6% consider communism “good”.

Of all the trends, of particular interest is the fact that the opinion of the respondents about the “left” and “right”, in fact, is gaining equal percentages, almost the same for both positive and negative opinions. In particular, 32% consider the left “good”, 31.4% consider the right, 50.5% consider the left “bad” and the right 50.3%.

Most simply vote in elections or feel close to the party without active support.

Respondents answer that they are very interested in politics – 17.4%, enough – 36.1%, little – 27.7%, not at all – 18.5%.

In particular, the respondents describe their attitude to politics as follows: “I just vote in elections” – 43.4%, “I feel close to the party without actively supporting it” – 35.3%.

The following three answers have single-digit percentages: “I actively support the party (I defend its position, go to rallies if possible, etc.)” was answered by 7.5%; with 5.6% claiming to be a “party member”; and 5.8% answered “no” (not interested at all / I don’t vote)”, writes in.gr.


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