New EU sanctions against Moscow

The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, spoke about what will happen in the next, sixth package of European Union sanctions against Russia.

Edition “Radio Liberty” reveals the details of the interview of the head of the EC to the German publication Bild am Sonntag. As Ms. von der Leyen noted, the restrictions will mainly affect the banking sector and oil supplies:

“Next we look at banks, especially Sberbank, which accounts for 37% of the Russian banking sector. And of course, there are issues related to energy.”

The head of the EC called “reduction of Putin’s income” the main task of the discussed sanctions. At the same time, noting that the “smart mechanisms” currently being developed by Brussels will still allow taking measures related to Russian oil:

“President Putin cannot be allowed to get even higher prices in other markets for supplies that would otherwise go to the European Union.”

Agency Reuters notes that so far the European Union, introducing sanctions against Moscow, “spared” the Russian Sberbank, which, along with Gazprombank, is considered one of the main channels for paying for Russian oil and gas. EU so far continues to buy Russian energy, despite Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine.

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