Stolen flute worth 25,000 euros sold online

In December 2017, unknown persons broke into the car of a famous performer in Naples, Exarchia, and stole a musical instrument – a golden flute. And yet, there are miracles in the world! The woman, who is also a teacher of music lessons, managed to get her back after five years.

Car thieves opened the car, took out everything “that came to hand” from there. Among other things, there was a flute worth 25,000 euros.

The attackers, unaware of the true value of the musical instrument, threw it into a trash can, where it was discovered in 2018 by an employee of a recycling company.

The worker, who also did not know the true value of the golden flute, decided to sell it. So he posted an ad on the Internet and started accepting offers from people interested in buying.

A friend of the music teacher saw the ad and recognized the stolen wind instrument. He then reported this to the true owner of the flute, who immediately contacted the police.

Law enforcement has located a 60-year-old flute salesman who voluntarily turned it over to police officers. After that, the woman was called to the police, where she, having presented documents on the purchase of a flute, again picked up her favorite, parting with which lasted as long as 5 years!

According to ERT, the music teacher sent a letter of thanks to the Attica Police General Directorate for finding and returning a very valuable musical instrument.

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