The public services portal added 35 more services for the convenience of citizens

In March, 35 services were added to the State Services portal and provided to citizens for their service. Now their total number has reached 1375.

As you know, in the application public services each person can receive public services quickly and easily: complete the necessary documents, make an appointment, etc.

In particular, according to the Ministry of Digital Government, in March 2022, the number of digital services reached 1,375 (up 35) compared to February, and the total number of visits to increased by 20,461,339 and reached 273,148,701.

It is worth noting that the number of documents or applications that were issued/submitted electronically reached 7,955,123 last month.

That is why the Minister of Digital Government described as the largest reform of the state and pointed out that “digital transformation is a social policy”, and also hastened to thank the General Secretariat of Information Systems (Γενική Γραμματεία Πληροφοριακών Συστημάτων) for the 25-year period of work for the benefit of citizens, “dedication, professionalism and efficiency” of employees.

There was a great response from people and the interest of citizens in the State Services portal, whose visits to in March of this year reached 177,679,957, which means a rapid increase with an additional 8,127,353 requests compared to February, reports

The number of Edupass & Self-Tests applications has increased and is estimated at 93,076,202 (14,621,563 more than in February). Below is the number of “non-financial prescription” requests – 41,924,616 in March, which is 2,867,199 more than in February.

Registrations for negative diagnostic certificates also increased significantly, reaching 37,785,833 and an increase of 4,612,879 since February.

Of particular interest are the numbers of the Know your customer service, which offers a digital alternative to submitting documents to the bank for confirmation of data in accordance with the regulation on the prevention of money laundering (Anti Money Laundering, AML).

More transactions compared to February

In March, the number of citizen registrations in the National Registry of Messages increased by 59,247 to 1,059,293. The number of marital status certificates issued from June 2020 to March 2022 (through and through the app in the CEP) is impressive, which reaches 3,228,528 certificates.

Digital certificates and responsible statements are also in great demand among citizens. Specifically, for the biennium March 2020 to March 2022, 6,463,823 digital responsible claims were registered (average 8,700 per day) and 2,202,726 digital credentials were requested (average 2,967 per day). ).

In terms of vaccination certificates (from February 2021 to March 2022), a total of 18,019,933 certificates were issued, of which 16,064,393 were issued digitally via and 1,955,540 via KEP.

Finally, the number of European digital certificates issued by March 2022 is 7,076,421, up 363,610 from February 2022.

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