Fuel subsidy: how to apply

A platform for applying for a fuel subsidy will be activated in Greece the other day so that citizens can take advantage of the benefit.

According to Finance Minister Christos Staikouras, next week “a citizen’s wallet will receive assistance from the state in the amount of more than 500 million euros.”

“I mean – a one-time Easter assistance of 200 euros, as well as farmers and livestock breeders who will receive about 47 million euros, that is, 2% of turnover in 2021, taxi drivers and a fuel subsidy that will be provided through the platform opening in the coming days,” he said.

When the platform opens, the application will need to be submitted through gov.gr:

Step 1

The citizen will enter the electronic platform located on the single digital portal gov.gr using only their codes in TAXISnet and declare the vehicle for which they are applying for a subsidy.

It is noted that for this car, the beneficiary must have a percentage of shared ownership or a long-term lease agreement. In addition, each vehicle must be declared by one individual, while the beneficiary can only declare one vehicle, provided, of course, that it is in circulation and insured.

The subsidy will be provided per vehicle per family. Thus, if the household has two cars (one in the name of one spouse and the second in the name of the other), the subsidy will be issued to a card that is open in the name of both. Through the platform, it will be checked whether the person concerned meets the income criteria and owns a car.

Step 2

The citizen will then enter and verify their mobile phone number, email address, and IBAN when filling out the grant application. Further, after rechecking their data, they will receive an SMS and an email to activate the card and instructions for use.

As with the pandemic, aid recipients will have the right to redeem the gas station subsidy amount at any time until June.

The amount will appear in the mobile phone application, and its use can be made when buying any fuel at a gas station.

So both those who use diesel fuel and those who consume gasoline or liquefied gas receive money. The amount credited to the card will depend on the vehicle and place of residence:

  • 40 € FOR CARS

Step 3

Those without a smartphone will be able to request a money transfer to their bank account.

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