February 3, 2023

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Russian president advises Europe not to rush

In response to statements EU about the intention to quickly get rid of energy dependence on the Russian Federation, the Kremlin recommends not to rush.

Moscow warns against haste in resolving an important issue – refusing to supply Russian gas. If countries in Europe as a whole want to get rid of energy dependence by 2030, then some countries will be able to implement such a plan much earlier. The President of Russia warns against a decision that is unprofitable for the European and global economy:

“The so-called partners from unfriendly countries admit that they cannot do without Russian energy resources. Including without natural gas, for example. Its reasonable replacement for Europe is now simply missing. __But, despite these things that are obvious to everyone, European countries are constantly talking about refusing Russian supplies, which further destabilizes the market, and inflate prices with their own hands, primarily for their citizens.

In response to EU sanctions on Rosneft and Gazprom following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Russian president instructed the government to look for other markets to sell energy commodities:

“It is necessary to diversify exports. We will proceed from the fact that in the foreseeable future, the supply of energy resources in the western direction will still be reduced. Therefore, it is important to consolidate the trend of recent years: step by step, reorient our exports to the fast-growing markets of the South and East.”

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