December 11, 2023

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Coronavirus: incidents in Shanghai against the background of the most severe quarantine (video)

Shanghai going through the third week hard insulationand the video provided by the BBC shows citizens who were forced to leave their homes on demand police.

The situation in desperate in a Chinese city, as some houses have been turned into quarantine centers, and millions of people are strictly locked in their apartments, because Shanghai faced with a new wave of coronavirus.

But the biggest problem is in the district, as now daily diagnoses exceed 20,000 per day. In recent weeks, the city has turned fairgrounds and schools into quarantine centers and set up makeshift hospitals.

However, the small number of severe cases of the disease led many to think about the need blocking. It is reminded that the asymptomatic are also quarantined, and even if someone has a sick neighbor, he is placed in a 14-day quarantine.

AT recent weeks many residents used social media to complain about restrictions and shortages of basic necessities, even food.

People have to order food and water and wait for government supply of vegetablesmeat and eggs, and analysts say many are running out of supplies.

Residents are outraged that a local school is being turned into a quarantine center. Policemen with their shields forced them to disperse. Although the mobilization was small scale, it was a sign of anger and frustration as the strict lockdown continues.

Meanwhile Chinese government sent teams to the city to help more than 660 companies in key sectors of the economy such as semiconductor and Automotive industry to resume production, state media reported.

In one of eastern regions cities police officers in full protective clothing forced people to leave rented apartments in order to turn them into temporary quarantine facilities.

Ministry industry and information technologies said on Friday it would supply medical supplies and the smooth operation of supply chains.

It is noted that China is one of the few countries that is still trying to maintain a zero infection rate, unlike much of the world that is trying to live with the virus.

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