Weather for Easter: detailed forecast for the coming days

Beautiful days for Easter, with great weather and spring temperatures, meteorologist Clearchos Marousakis predicts, giving a detailed forecast for the coming days and Holy Week.

With a short break for bad weather, in general, the weather until Easter will please the “soul and eye”. At the same time, increased concentrations of African dust in the atmosphere will be observed on some days.

In details:

1. From April 14 to April 24, “spring” (or even summer) weather is expected. The air temperature in the western and southern geographical regions of Greece will be +26ºС-28°С.

2. From Saturday afternoon until around Holy Wednesday, the weather will become unstable in several areas, which means that there will be occasional showers and sporadic thunderstorms (especially in central, eastern and northern Greece). The air temperature will drop slightly. In the central and northern part of the country it will be cold at night and in the morning, and in the mountains the likelihood of “seeing” … even snow will increase. Estimated maximum temperatures for this period in northern Greece are +10°С-15°С, in central Greece +14°С-18°С, in southern Greece +16°С-20°С.

3. In the coming weekend there will be a strong spread of African dust in the atmosphere (this will especially affect the western, central and southern regions of the country). From Good Monday, April 18, an unpleasant phenomenon will completely “disappear from the horizon.”

4. From Maundy Thursday, April 21 to Good Saturday, the weather will improve (with an increase in air temperature above + 20-22 ° C in the central and southern parts of Greece).

5. As for the Easter night, good weather with high air temperatures is expected in most of the country. However, there is a chance that it will rain in some places in the northwest.

6. On Easter Sunday, the weather is supposed to be very good in most parts of the country. The exception is the northern territories, where there is a chance of rain in the afternoon.

7. On Easter Monday, light rain is possible (locally) in the west, as well as in the central and northern parts of the country, the air temperature is about +20ºС.

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