Mitsotakis – unemployed: "You do not have a job because you do not have qualifications and skills"

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis addressed the unemployed, calling them “professional unemployed”, arguing that “they do not find work because they lack the appropriate basic qualifications and skills.”

Speaking in parliament in defense of the new bill “Jobs Again” (“Δουλειές Ξανά”), the prime minister blamed the lack of work on the unemployed, and not on low wages and terrible working conditions. “Thousands have been left without work not because of the miserable wages, but because they do not have the appropriate qualifications,” Mitsotakis said.

“At the end of 2021, more than half of those registered with the OAED have not found a job for more than 1 year. We are talking about almost 600,000 of our fellow citizens, 1/3 of whom have been unemployed for more than 5 years, and 50,000, according to their statement, have been in this situation for more than ten years. And at the same time, when we have a structural problem of long-term unemployment, this unemployment coexists with free jobs,” declared Prime Minister.

One of the main goals of the bill appears to be to remove the thousands of unemployed people from the country’s official register at the OAED employment agency so they don’t receive government support. declared further Mitsotakis, naming “those who live in luxury and refuse to accept the proposed job.”

reportedthat among the new criteria for the unemployed to keep the status, “any unemployed person with a family income of more than 20,000 euros per year will be excluded from the register of unemployed.”

He said that unemployment benefits create a “paralytic situation” and spoke of “real” and “imaginary” unemployed people. He added that the lack of training for the unemployed and the situation created by the unemployment are the cause of the unemployment rate in Greece.

The premier argued that there are “several occupations that could be covered if the unemployed had the skills”. He even noted that “7 out of 10 employers tell us that they have a problem with providing for the need for labor, while the unemployment rate in the country is 12.8%”. Kiryakos Mitsotakis stressed that OAED’s unemployment benefit funds should be used for training.

“The Employment Bill is an attempt to refocus on linking business needs with specialized service offerings and skills development to distinguish between those who really need government support and those who need to improve their skills.”

The Prime Minister further stated that the government should move “not by subsidizing the maintenance of unemployment, but by subsidizing the education of the unemployed”. Therefore, he said that if “every unemployed man formulates his own digital action plan, he will receive a reward of 300 euros, and this support will continue even after he finds a job.”

The prime minister attempted to present his government’s policies as successful, saying that Greece has a fixed “The lowest de-escalation of unemployment in Europe”, as it decreased from 17.2% to 12.8%. However, he later admitted that Greece occupies the second worst place in the European Union, since “only Spain is worse than us.”

Mr. Mitsotakis also mentioned the “perennial problem low wages”calling it a “natural phenomenon”, and once again announced that after May 1 there will be a second increase in the minimum wage.

The Real World of the Unemployed vs the Reality of the Prime Minister

The Prime Minister, who clearly lives in another universe*, is clearly unaware that the only state support received by the long-term unemployed is free pass in public transport and free admission to museums, which is not bad in itself, but does not help much to earn your daily bread. He also doesn’t seem to know (or is just fooling around) that the Social Security that workers and employers pay each month includes a percentage of future unemployment benefits, so workers pay themselves unemployment benefits (even if they never get into unemployment). this position).

Regardless of how many years they have worked and previously paid social security, the unemployed receive an allowance of 300-400 euros for only one year, and then they have to take care of themselves. At the same time, in order to receive these payments, any employee is required to work for at least 6 months continuously, which is quite problematic for some, especially the young (and the elderly).

Another Benefitthey get is that they get a small extra payout every few years, if the government – any government – decides to advertise its own “social policy, both in the downturn and before the elections, for the unemployed, poor pensioners and people with disabilities.

How people reacted to the Prime Minister’s speech

Mitsotakis’ statement was taken by the unemployed as a big insult it sparked outrage on social media and the very few (surviving) opposition media.

Many Greeks noted that he “would not have been prime minister if he had not been the scion of a family that had ruled the country for many years.” Others wrote ironically that he could not tie his shoelaces unaided.

The most striking counterargument in Twitter was:

Millennials and Gen Z don’t have a skills shortage problem—on the contrary, they are the most (over)educated and (over)skilled generations in the nation’s history. Therefore, the problem is not the lack of certificates and degrees. The problem is that there are no jobs worthy of our skills, with a salary corresponding to our qualifications.”

Mitsotakis says the unemployed don’t find work because they don’t have the right skills. Is there a greater skill than living on 400 a month and working 12 hours?

Mitsotakis humiliates young people by saying they don’t have the qualifications to find a job, inciting even more hatred…

One with bad intentions doubts skills #μητσοτακη_παραιτησουlet’s ask one of Kulis’s former colleagues in the Εθνική venture capital… tables and chairs are still laughing there…

What skills do those of us who do not have (this money in the accounts). (In the photo, the estimated amount of money in the accounts of the Mitsotakis family in various banks).

* We have already written that members of the Mitsotakis cabinet often “stay somewhere in another world or another universe”, as their statements reflect a complete misunderstanding of how the people live. This is, in principle, a common occurrence for those who were born “with a golden spoon in their mouth”, as they say about people from wealthy families. Another thing is that such officials and politicians have consultants who are obliged to tell them how to don’t talk nonsensethat could ruin their political careers. But judging precisely for these stated stupidities, Mitsotakis and his team, mired in numerous scandals, are now being actively merged, and Mitsotakis himself, or Kulis, as he is contemptuously called by the people, clearly does not notice this.

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