Citizens positively assessed the telephone service 1555

According to a survey by MRB HELLAS, the level of user satisfaction with the 1555 telephone line reaches 82%.

In 1555, the Uniform Citizen Service Number of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs steadily gains the trust of citizens, who now recognize not only its existence, but also its value in everyday life. This is confirmed by the corresponding MRB HELLAS survey conducted from March 17 to March 19, 2022 by telephone interview method on a sample of 1008 people.

It follows from the responses of the participants that telephone service 1555 has received a high degree of recognition among citizens since its inception, despite the fact that it opened relatively recently. Characteristically, in the sample as a whole and at the level of spontaneous mention, the majority of respondents recall the phone number 1555 (35%), followed by 14,884 (26.2%).

The survey shows that the vast majority of citizens positively assess the work of 1555. More than 7 out of 10 respondents (74%) find the service extremely or very usefulwith a positive response rate of over 90% when you add survey participants who think the number 1555 is “very useful”.

The level of satisfaction of citizens who have used this service is equally high. Call center 1555 was contacted by 21% of respondents, of which 8 out of 10 called more than once. The majority of cases are caused by insurance issues (61%), followed by social benefits and employment issues. 61% of participants who called 1555 said they were very, very satisfied with the service they received. If we add those who said “satisfied” to them, the satisfaction rate reaches 82%.

The politeness of the staff, the adequacy of knowledge and professionalism are characteristics that most users note especially, along with the waiting time on the telephone line, the degree of understanding of the issue by the service staff, as well as the solutions they offer.

The ratings are also positive for the Internet portal In particular, 55% of survey participants who used the portal stated that they very, very satisfied. And those who said that they were “satisfied”, the level reaches 87.7%.

Thus, the vast majority of respondents said that they are likely to use 1555 in the future, with the percentage reaching 74% for telephone and 69% for portal.

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