Thessaloniki: lived to be 70 years old… without a passport

An elderly resident of Greece, for the first time in his 70 years, appeared at the police station to receive … an identity card.

All these 70 years, living among people, he somehow managed to do without tautotites. Levkos Pyrgos security officers in Thessaloniki came to this conclusion when, after an appointment, an elderly man came to them and asked for his first police certificate.
Having entered the data provided by the visitor into the archive, law enforcement officials were surprised to find that this person had been “invisible” all these years. The investigation determined that he had already fallen “into the hands of the law” in the past and had three convictions for perjury and violation of the law on addictive substances.

As announced by the authorities, the man was arrested for the above charges, as well as for violating the law on the probative value of the police identity card (αποδεικτικής ισχύος των αστυνομικών ταυτοτήτων).

It should be noted that just a few days ago, a man fell into the hands of the police of Exarchia (Athens), who, living quietly, for 64 years did not acquire the necessary documents proving his identity, the publication reported.

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