The most popular cat of 2021 became a volunteer and received a nomination for a prestigious award

Instagram star cat Stepan from Kharkiv announced on the social network that he was able to raise $10,000 to help animals in Ukraine that suffered because of the war.

As stated on his personal page, the money will be donated to animal protection organizations in Ukraine and zoos, in particular, Nikolaev, so that they can evacuate animals from the war zone.

On March 3, the cat disappeared from social networks, which is why subscribers even began to worry. But on March 16, Stepan’s owner said that during this time he overcame a difficult evacuation route. On February 24, at 5 am, the first explosion was heard: at first the owner of the cat did not understand what was happening, but later more explosions were heard, and it became clear that the war had come, namely the attack and shelling of Kharkov (especially the Northern Saltovka region, where Stepan lives).

On the first day of the war there were the most severe destructions. Shells hit the neighboring houses every day, the houses burned before the eyes of the owners. By some miracle, their house remained in order for exactly a week, on the eighth day it was also damaged, and a shell flew into the balcony of the neighbors, but there was no fire. In two or three dozen apartments, all the windows spilled out. Also, two shells fell in the courtyard in front of Stepan’s house.

“We sat in the basement for two nights. There was no electricity for a week. To charge the phone, we went to the next entrance to the basement. Then we managed to leave. Kharkov volunteers helped and took us to the railway station. We boarded the Kharkov-Lviv train, after 20 hours we got to Lvov. Then we followed to the border with Poland. At the border we stood in a line on foot, there were a lot of people (4-5 thousand). We crossed the border after 9 hours,” the owner of the cat wrote.

In Poland, Stepan’s family received an offer of help from the World Association of Influencers from Monaco, who helped them get to France to wait for the day when they could return home.

Now the Ukrainian cat, who now lives in Monaco, has been nominated for the most prestigious award in the influencer industry – the World Influencers and Bloggers Awards 2022, which will be awarded on May 18 in Cannes. The event will also raise funds to help Ukraine. It is reported that all the funds raised will be transferred to charity.

13-year-old Stepan ranked fifth in the top Ukrainian bloggers in terms of subscriber growth in 2021. After the post of Britney Spears, which made the gray cat popular, 629 thousand people were subscribed to his Instagram account. On TikTok, Stepan is even more popular – there he was followed by 965 thousand subscribers. Now in both social networks, more than 1.1 million people have subscribed to the cat.

The owner of the cat spends a lot of money on props for commercials, because all the time you need to come up with something new. Now fans from all over the world send him gifts and portraits, and the furniture store has sent a throne. True, such a frenzied popularity is indifferent to a phlegmatic cat, however, like everything else. Despite this, we wish Stepa to receive the coveted reward.

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