Russia threatens Finland?

A few hours after Finland was warned not to join NATO, Russian heavy equipment was spotted on its way to the Finnish border.

As the publication writes Daily Mail, Russia “is moving heavy military equipment, including missile systems, to the border with Finland after warning Finland not to join NATO.” The Kremlin, represented by Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov, said that the intentions of Sweden and Finland to join NATO would not bring security to the European region. And Vladimir Putin yesterday, speaking at the Vostochny Cosmodrome in the Far East, warned Western countries that they would face “consequences” if they “worse the situation” in Ukraine, as the Russian dictator threatened to create “waves of migrants” in Europe.

These words were heard in the background US Department of Defense statementsthat Russia’s special operation in Ukraine was a “major strategic mistake” that could lead to NATO expansion. It is expected that already in June the Scandinavian countries can apply for NATO membership.

Before the invasion of Ukraine, the Russian Federation demanded from NATO the consent to stop the expansion of the alliance. However, the outbreak of hostilities entailed the strengthening of its eastern flank with additional troops and increased support for the entry of the Scandinavian countries into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

The Russian President said Russia’s economy and financial system had withstood the blitz of Western sanctions and assured that the sanctions would backfire by raising the price of essentials such as fertilizer, leading to food shortages and increased migration flows to the West. .

Putin’s words came as Russian heavy weapons, including missile systems, were seen moving towards the Finnish border, just hours after the Kremlin warned its northern neighbor against joining NATO.

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