February 3, 2023

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Proto Thema: Russian embassy is a “spy school”

Greek intelligence about the Russian embassy: “They created propaganda mechanisms. They developed a network of infiltration into society through inter-church organizations, business circles and the media, mainly in Macedonia. How they recruited agents” …

The authors of the edition Proto Fema, declare: “Deportation 12 Russian diplomats was not a momentary decision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, although it fully complied with the requirements of the European Union, which initially wanted to characterize about 10% of Russian diplomats in each country as persona non grata (PNG).

On the other hand, the selection of persons was not accidental, since over the past 15 months, specific diplomats representing the Russian Federation in Greece have been under strict surveillance, as they have developed activity at three levels, causing damage to the national interests of the country.

They created propaganda mechanisms targeting approximately 30% of Greeks with pro-Russian sentiments, planned a network of infiltration into Greek society through ecclesiastical and non-church organizations, business circles and the media, mainly in Macedonia, while trying to recruit military personnel.

For the National Intelligence Service, 12 Russian agents are described as “strong players” on a pan-European level who have passed through other countries have been mapped into their activities, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine has accelerated processes to slow them down.

Of the 12 expelled Russian embassy officials, 10 were in Athens and among them are said to be the “special adviser” and “arranger” of the Russian embassy’s hardline and provocative statements in recent months. From the public appeal to the citizens of Greece look OPEN TV to keep abreast of developments on the war front, until the latest ominous statement about the consequences that our country will have after the decision to expel specific diplomats.

The line, which, as the authors of Proto Fem(?) assure, did not come from Moscow, but was his own tactic, as those who know him say he loves hard rock and conflict situations. The remaining 9 are high-ranking diplomats and administrators/intermediaries in the implementation of Moscow’s plans in Greece and the European Union as a whole.

Of the two residents of Thessaloniki who have been characterized as Persona non Gtrata, one is a consul who tried to create a network of infiltration and propaganda in Greek society, and the other is an official who used a diplomatic passport and was very active in recent months in Macedonia.

Since the beginning of 2021, espionage dances have begun in Europe, including in Greece, with a wild chase, surveillance, information exchange between Western countries and the recording of at least 4-5 serious incidents in Bulgaria, Italy, the Czech Republic against the backdrop of NATO military secrets. It was then that the first alarm sounded in Greece.

It was a year ago when two Bulgarian intelligence chiefs who had served in Athens for many years were recruited from Moscow and were handing over secret NATO maps and documents to the Russians, which were used to invade Ukraine.

Last November, the Greek services raised the alert to orange after what they saw around Ukraine, so the alert is red today, and a layered plan is in place to have daily knowledge of “what’s going on with Russia.”

A key element of great interest to the NATO intelligence agencies is the list of 100 members of the Russian diplomatic mission, many of whom had intelligence ties, 15 of which were mapped by European intelligence agencies and labeled as “strong players”.

The situation is already reminiscent of the Cold War with the daily EYP bulletins to record the movements of “diplomats” and inform Western services about developments.

As it turned out, all 15 people arrived in Greece from 2019 and later, were in Greece with the mission of creating propaganda mechanisms, infiltrating Greek society through church and parachurch organizations, businessmen and agents, as well as recruiting corrupt civil servants who own NATO secrets. The latter has nothing to do with Greece, but has to do with its capabilities as a member of the North Atlantic Alliance and, therefore, a cell in the overall picture of NATO operations.

It has been observed that in recent years, Russian agents traveling on diplomatic passports in our country have tried in every crisis or serious issue concerning society and politics to throw a stone at the mechanism of outrage, interrogation and creating a negative climate, from recruiting people against the Prespa Agreement to promoting anti-vaccination campaigns.

Beyond the 15 mapped, the Greek National Intelligence Service monitors all Russians with diplomatic passports working in Athens and Thessaloniki because analysts want a clear picture of the games played by all 100 people in the embassy. At the same time, daily efforts are being made to verify their movements, the people they meet, even the arrivals in Athens or the departures of Russians in special roles.

At the same time, the announcements and posts of the Russian embassy, ​​as ΕΥΠ analysts found out, were issued by a specific person who, in fact, occupied a high position in the embassy, ​​who took on the role of an “unofficial representative”. It was he who was hiding behind the very frequent and harsh statements of the embassy, ​​especially after the start of the war in Ukraine. It was he who became the first diplomat on the list for deportation, since the reports of ΕΥΠ analysts spoke of a man who in many cases ignored Moscow’s line and imposed his own confrontational game.

It was the main player among the 12 diplomats, followed by the consul in Thessaloniki, who is said to have developed an intense activity in recent months, contacting people in the ecclesiastical and non-ecclesiastical space in order to develop the sphere of influence and control of the Russian Federation in the region of Macedonia and Thrace.

Moscow has a special interest in Greece, as it is a NATO and EU country, but it has another feature: more than 30% of citizens with pro-Russian sentiments who listen to propaganda, according to the publication of analysts from the National Intelligence Service. Vladimir Putin. Twhile the corresponding percentage in other European countries barely exceeds 2%.

Therefore, according to intelligence analysts, Greece is a suitable place for such propaganda mechanisms to flourish and create a strong pro-Russian current that will even have a say in political events. This explains the fact that Russia has such a large mission in our country, which exceeds 100 people and is 30% -40% more than in similar European countries, where the number of diplomats varies between 60-70 people.


The second level of the plan, which ΕΥΠ analysts are called upon to manage, concerns the consequences of the Greek Foreign Ministry’s decision to deport 12 Russian diplomats. About this already spoke out and the Russian Embassy in Athens, and the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, when she is in a sharp form stated about a hostile step, to which an appropriate response will be given.

ΕΥΠ officials estimate that at least 2-3 Greek diplomats may be expelled from the embassy in Moscow and the consulate in St. Petersburg. However, they are also considering a scenario that is combined with the fact that our country is a member of NATO.

In this case, target #1 is the port of Alexandroupolis and US and NATO bases. This is because if the allied forces need to transport military equipment to Ukraine, they will unload it there. If this happens, there is a great risk that the Russians may try to strike at NATO forces located on Greek territory. Since it is there that the military “corridor No. 9” with a length of 2800 km begins, from Alexandroupoli to Helsinki, bypassing the Bosphorus and crossing the territory of the countries that are members of the NATO bloc.

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